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Bus Schedule

Bus schedules will be posted on the PSD website under Transportation, starting in early August.
Route numbers identify buses:

  • Students will determine their morning and afternoon bus based on the route number.
  • In most cases, the route number for your child’s morning bus will be different than the route number for your child’s afternoon bus. 
  • The route number will be posted in the window closest to the entrance door of each bus.
  • Students will be given a card or label on their morning bus at the beginning of the school year. The card will list students’ morning and afternoon bus route numbers to help them find their correct busses.  School staff, bus drivers, and additional transportation staff will also help students find their busses the first days of school.

Applications for space available and alternative bussing will also be available in early August, on the PSD website.  Information about bus routes and ridership eligibility is also available on Transportation web pages or, if you can’t find the information you need, call 970-490-3232.  PSD has also adopted the "Here Comes the Bus" app to help parents know where their child's bus is. 

Check the BusPlanner link (from here or Transportation Services) to find your child's specific stop location and pick up and drop off times.  Just go to "Transportation Eligibility", type in your street address, and it will tell you what your home school is, if you child is eligible for bussing, and the location/ time of your stop.

Busing News: Updated April 2019

PSD will be doing a soft launch of their new bus ridership program here at Bennett beginning next week.  Students who ride a bus will now need to log on and off the bus with a QR code.  The students will be given the card with their QR code on it on Monday. Another helpful tool is the "Here Comes the Bus" App.  Below is the information on how to download and log into the app.  If you have any questions,  contact the PSD Transportation Department at 970-490-3232 or

Here Comes the Bus App Gives Real-Time Location

PSD has adopted the "Here Comes the Bus" app to help parents know where their child's bus is. Here Comes the Bus, which provides the real-time location of each bus, can be accessed through desktop or mobile devices. The information is secure, provided to parents through a private ID that grants access to only their child's bus information.

The app is available in the Apple iTunes Store or Google PlayTo create an accountuse the PSD school code 75840.