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School Accountability Committee

Dear Bennett Parents and Guardians,

There are many ways to be involved here at Bennett. You can volunteer in your student’s classrooms, you can chaperone field trips, you can join the Bennett Community Organization (BCO) to help organize fundraisers and events, or you can join the Bennett School Accountability Committee (SAC).

The School Accountability Committee is a group of parents and staff members who function as a communication link between the school and Bennett families.  Bennett's SAC meets at least quarterly to discuss, advise and make recommendations to me regarding school progress, school spending priorities, school leadership, personnel and infrastructure, and our School's Unified Improvement Plan (SUIP), how to increase the level of parent engagement in the District and its schools, especially the engagement of parents of students in underrepresented populations, etc. At least two members of the SAC also serve as the Bennett representative and alternate representative to the District Advisory Board (DAB) which meets monthly on Mondays from 7 – 9 pm at the Johannsen Support Services Center (JSSC) at 2407 LaPorte Avenue. The DAB rep provides input and recommendations from the SAC on an advisory basis to the Superintendent concerning issues and initiatives and acts as a link between the community and the district.

Our SAC must be comprised of, but is not limited to

At least 3 parents/legal guardians of students. 2 of which who serve as our DAB rep. and alternative rep. and 1 of which who co-chairs the committee with Mrs. Smythe
1 teacher
1 BCO member
1 community member
1 principal, or principal designee

If you are interested in serving our community in this way, we would love to have you join us.

Please email your interest to me at Our meetings will be held on 9/9, 12/9, 2/10, and 5/11 at 6:15pm in the library before a BCO meeting.

Thank you!

Mrs. Smythe

Meeting Minutes

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