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What is IB?

Fifth grade students at Bennett were asked to respond to the following questions.  Read through their responses to learn more about what it means to be an IB learner at Bennett Elementary School.


What is IB?

  • Being an IB student means you can make mistakes and ask questions if you don't recognize something.  It also means being a risk-taker, open-minded, and caring if you see somebody is upset.  A risk-taker is someone that is able to make errors and does not care if he/she gets it incorrect.  Being an open-minded student means that you respect other's ideas even if you have a different opinion.
  •  IB to me is a place where kids are getting the teaching they need to help them understand things.
  • I think IB is where many students from different cultures can come and learn together.  A place where we can take action and learn a new language and a place where we can respect the cultures from different people and anyone can come even from somewhere different.
  • Being IB is a wonderful experience for a child.  At an IB school they teach you how to be an independent person.  After you leave an IB school and you go to a non-IB school you have further knowledge than all the other kids.  You learn how to be caring to other people and the environment and also to be open-minded to many things.
  • IB means many great things.  One of the greatest things about IB is being open to anyone around you.  Whether a student from across the world just walked in through the doors of Bennett or if it's someone sitting next to you, you should always listen to what they have to say.  Another great thing about IB is communicating with people around you.  Communicating with others means to share your ideas and thoughts.  One of the most important things about IB is being active in everything you do. 
  • IB is being an open-minded learner.  It is also being a risk-taker and sharing school supplies.  Being caring is a big part of it too.  What I mean is that you should never judge and you should never say it's too hard.  You should always ask questions, because it is a way of learning.  When you're in 5th grade don't be afraid to lead.  If you're different don't be afraid either.  That's what being IB is.
  • IB means being open minded to new topics and people.  It is being respectful of other people and things.  It is inquiring into new questions and understanding them.
  • IB is asking questions all the time, going deeper with your knowledge, and understanding.
  • IB means being respectful and learning new things and being happy to learn.  It helps you get ready for life so you can help people when you get older.  IB is also to push yourself and to think outside the box to get a better grade.
  • IB is learning about another country and maybe even going there.
  • IB is a program that gives you a chance to express your thoughts and feelings and it definitely focuses on reading too.  It pushes you into the best reader you can be.  Of course, it doesn't just focus on reading but it also focuses on math skills, writing skills, and science skills.  Also, the best part is we get specials like music, spanish, art, library, flood, and PE.
  • IB stands for International Baccalaureate.  It means that we interact with other schools around the world.  IT's really fun to learn about other countries and how they work.
  • Being an IB student is being an open-minded student.  Being open-minded allows you to ask questions without being laughed at or insulted.  Being an IB student means that you are also caring.  Caring means that you will help somebody when they get hurt and somebody will help you if you get hurt.  It is an environment where people will treat you the way you want to be treated.  Being an IB student also means that you get to do fun projects.  I am glad that I am at an IB World School.
  • IB is being a risk-taker and sharing your ideas to the school or to your clasmates and by being a communicator and talking about how you feel about anything.  IB is being caring to others and reflecting on what you learned and being open-minded to see what other people see and why they see it.
  • It is where you learn about these IB profiles that are like risk-taker or thinker and hopefully you master all of them by the end of elementary school.  Also, using them to get superb grades in all of the subjects and not being a bad kid and getting suspended or in trouble.  You would use the profiles in school so you will be the best and most awesome kid in school with the best grades ever.
  • IB is being able to be yourself in front of other people.  It's also that no one else can make you what you don't want to be.
  • IB is being able to learn and be you in the classroom.  Also, IB means that you have the right to do something.  Knowing how to express your feelings in school. 
  • IB is being open-minded to other ideas.  You work independently and together.  You can make mistakes and not get in trouble.
  • I think IB stands for any kid around the world can come and learn here.  I also think that everybody is accepted no matter what.  I also think that it means that nobody would be judged by their skin color, what they eat, or who they are.  That is what I, as an IB learner, think IB means.
  • IB is so much.  It's creativity, curiosity, commitment, integrity, and so much more.  Being an IB student means that I work with other students, my classmates, friends, and teachers are my team inside and out of schools.  Everyone has faith in each other and respect people for who they are.  No one laughs or judges one another.  Of course we make mistakes, but that's what makes us complete.  We learn from all of our actions.  IB, most importantly, is LOVE.
  •  IB in my mind is only different because of the IB actions.
  •  IB is not unlike other schools, but it is not completely like other schools either. In my opinion, IB is not just something that comes with a special logo and a bunch of words that show what a "IB student" is supposed to be a model of. IB is living those words, everywhere, everyday. IB is going beyond just learning. It's learning more.
  • An IB school is a school where emotional traits are pursued in addition to education. IB schools enforce proficent behavior and attitude. In a normal school, everything is normal. There is nothing different about each student from the next and there is a strict dress code. In an IB school, creativity flourishes. Students each have an unique personality and they are not afraid to speak out.
  • IB is a thing with different attributes that only some schools have IB. IB is different than other schools because it makes you think harder and deeper than regular school.
  • IB is a pattern of attitudes that we base our curriculum on. it is different because IB kids seem to reflect on their actions more, and that helps them learn better.
  •  IB schools is different from others because it rewards doing the learner profile. They make sure you have good skills and attitude. They don't send you to the principal instantly and they tell you what you did wrong and how to fix it.
  • An IB student is caring, balanced, knowledgeable, balanced, a risk-taker, open-minded, a thinker, a communicator, an inquirer, principled, and reflective. All of the IB attitudes a student is expected to follow at Bennett.
  • IB is a program that encourages students to learn through a series of attitudes.
  • IB is an opportunity. It is something not many schools have. Once you get started learning in that environment, you feel like you can do anything. By the time you finish elementary school, you begin to realize that your life is IB. You takes risks. That is being a Risk-Taker. You wonder and ask questions. You are being an Inquirer. You do activities while you keep up all your school work. That is being Balanced. That is what living IB is all about.
  • IB is being open to other cultures and ideas. IB is different than other schools because we learn about other languages and continents.
  • IB schools run on IB learner profiles and IB attitudes. The IB profiles describe what IB learners are. We are knowledgeable, balanced, risk takers, open-minded, thinkers, caring, communicators, inquirers, principled, and reflective. The attitudes describe how we act. The attitudes are, tolerance, respect, enthusiasm, curiosity, empathy, commitment, appreciation, confidence, creativity, integrity, and cooperation.   
  • To me IB is a kid friendly place for kids to learn but have fun at the same time. It Is a welcoming school with great teachers and a great chance to learn and lead a sucsessful life.
  • IB teaches students how to learn the attitudes and the profile to be successful.
  • Having a great imagination and having multiple learning talents such as math, a second language, and good writing skills.  Being a IB learner means we follow the IB profile and actions. IB is a good rule to follow because all students leave Bennett with a good positive attitude.
  •  IB is different from other schools because we set goals for reading and we have IB attitudes such as Inquirer, caring, etc. I think IB is better because we do a lot of things for the public.
  • IB has learner profiles and i.b additudes, it goes deeper than just having students learn the info it actually makes them understand it. Finally, i.b. encourages internationally minded students.
  • IB to me is a place where kids are getting the teaching they need to help them understand things.
  • To me IB is a kid friendly place for kids to learn but have fun at the same time. It Is a welcoming school with great teachers and a great chance to learn and lead a successful life.


Being a Bennett learner means...

  • Being a Bennett learner means to learn things and become curious.  Being a thinker is a big part of being a Bennett learner becaue everything you learn, you should be thinking about what it means.  Also, even if you don't know an answer to a question, you are being a risk-taker.  Bennett learners are always positive in what they are doing because we are always thinkers and positive.  We are always caring to one another when we become hurt, sad, mad, stumped, etc. 
  • Being a Bennett learner means being respectful to yourself and other students and making good choices even if a teacher is not watching you.  It means using your time wisely all the time.  You don't want to waste your time and not get any work done.  Also, you should read books that are in your level and books that you enjoy.  It also means that you respect the school's property and yourself. 
  • To me, an IB learner is being able to take action, to be an inquirer, a strong communicator, open-minded, a risk-taker, being knowledgeable, a thinker, and caring.  To be able to respect other people's view and respect for their culture.  To take action so we can communicate with others around the world and to make friends from different countries.  Finally, to respect differing religious beliefs and show understanding and compassion. 
  • Being a Bennett learner means to be kind and helpful.  We learn the IB learner profile (inquirer, knowledgeable, open-minded, risk-taker, balanced, principled, caring, reflective, communicator, and thinker).  Learning the IB profile helps us to be more successful in school.  Exhibition is an important thing in 5th grade.  It is the biggest in our whole entire elementary years.  In exhibition you choose what your project is mainly on.  Bennett helps you to get ready for exhibition.  My school means a lot to me becaue most of my knowledge is from this school. 
  • Being a Bennett learner means...don't be afraid to learn more.  Don't give up on something just because it's hard!  Be willing to be a leader and show what you learn throughout the school year.  If other people need a different learning environment, go ahead and help them.  Same with new students. 
  • Being a Bennett learner means to be respectful to everyone and everything.  It also means learning when you're supposed to and being mature.  Be involved with everyone else and with the teachers.
  • Being a Bennett learner means being a good listener and on task following rules and always doing your best.
  • Being creative, being a risk-taker, and being committed, eager to learn, curious, self-confident, respectful, and kind to your classmates so that you have a good year.
  • Being an IB learner means being open-minded and learing about different countries that you didn't even know existed.
  • Being a Bennett Learner means to be yourself and to be a risk-taker.  You also need to be a thinker and you need to be caring to yourself and others.  You need to try to be comfortable enough to raise your hand and share your thoughts.  Everybody also needs to learn to be nice to everybody and to definitely not bully.  Bullying doesn't occur very often in Bennett because we have amazing teachers that have incredible teaching skills.
  • Being a Bennett learner means we work hard to finish our work and stay on task.  We also learn about a wide variety of subjects.
  • Being a Bennett learner means being in a fun environment.  You get to get a fun and good environment where you can enjoy going to school.  You also get to learn a new language which is Spanish.  You get full time specials too.  It is very fun to be at Bennett Elementary.
  • A Bennett learner means participating and not talking to your friends.  When you're not listening, you have to be doing something that involves learning or you have to do something useful in some way.   A Bennett learner means learning, being respectful, and following their example.
  • It means that you work hard on getting A's as grades and using the IB learner profiles to be successful,  You have a good attitude during school, work hard, are caring and respectful to your classmates and the school supplies.  It would be that you would be the best student you can be in school.
  • Being a Bennett learner means hard work, all of your attention, and all of your focus on what you're doing.
  • Me as a Bennett learner is enjoying time in the classroom.  We get to explore new heights at Bennett with all of the amazing teachers and helpers.  All the teachers and your friends push you to achieve your goals.
  • We listen to other people's ideas even if we may not like them.  We care for others even if we may not like them.
  • Being a Bennett learner means you accept everybody for who they are.  It also means that you have integrity, creativity, that you are principled, caring, open-minded, and balanced.
  • Being a Bennett learner means being amazed.  At Bennett we do great things.  We learn...but we have fun while we learn.  Everyone does special activities such as peer mediation.  We even have a school store!  Fifth graders get to give tours to show what an amazing school our amazing principal leads.  Everyone is expected to be a leader for our younger ducklings so we can set a good example.  When we finally have been here for the last of our years, we have a celebration, a graduation to celebrate all of our learnings.  Teachers make sure to lead us to bright futures by letting us be taught by a Junior Achievement teacher.'re headed down the right path!
  •  Being open to other peoples ideas and trying new things. Helping people when they need help and asking questions. Listening and learning.
  • Having a great imagination and having multiple learning talents such as math, a second language, and good writing skills.  Being a IB learner means we follow the IB profile and actions. IB is a good rule to follow because all students leave Bennett with a good positive attitude.
  • You can learn things that you might never learn when you are learning in an IB school. When you really begin thinking about it, you realize many things. The IB teachers I met made me a stronger learner. When I was little, I was very shy. I soon learned that speaking what you believe makes you a stronger student. They staff at IB schools encourage bilingual students. They even give you newsletters in your own language if you can't read English. You feel free to express your education as an IB student.
  • Being an I.B. learner is a complicated thing. It requires students to follow the I.B. attitudes. It is also a way to make sure every student has optimal learnin  opportunities.
  •  That you have to follow the IB learner profile. You have to behave. You complete harder schoolwork.