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Emily Hill

Early Childhood

Hi!  My name is Emily Hill and I am a Early Childhood Preschool Teacher at Bennett Elementary.  My favorite thing about working in education is playing with my kids in the Preschool setting and teaching them while they are playing.  Young minds are constantly learning and growing at such a rapid rate.  I am the lucky one who gets to add to their knowledge and get them ready for advanced years in Elementary, Middle School, High School, College and beyond.

Some fun things about me:

When I am not at work I enjoy being with my family, reading and working on family history.

I am originally from Boise, Idaho.

My family consists of my husband who is a firefighter/Paramedic, a daughter who is a senior in high school and twins (boy and girl) in 8th grade.  I have a dog and a crested gecko.

One thing I am looking forward to this year is helping my students learn social and emotional skills that will help them throughout their life.

My education background is I have a teaching license in Early Childhood 0- 3rd grade and an Elementary License K - 6.  I am currently getting my Masters degree in Early Childhood Special Education at UNC.  

My favorite children's book is all the Llama Llama books.

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