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Fourth Grade

Research Skills

Research Skill Survey

Colorado History Research

History Colorado

Colorado State Archives

PBS - The West

Legends of America

World Book Online

Wikipedia - Simple English

Wikipedia - Main

Test Before You Trust

Evaluating websites for reliability and bias.

Year Round Education


Why Do People Homeschool?

Homeschooling Outcomes

Coffee Shop Economics

The Economics of Owning a Coffee Shop

Economics of Your Local Coffee Shop

Coffee Shop


Solar System Scope

Space Exploration

Aerospace (text article about the highlights of space travel)

Windows 2 the Universe: Astronomy Timeline (Look back 1000's of years at the astronomical discoveries in history)

Space Exploration History (space missions by decade)

Sea and Sky: The Sky (another timeline by decade -- be careful to use your own words in your notes if you use this site!) (better for recent explorations)

NASA Mission List (missions listed alphabetically, and can be sorted by type of mission.  Challenging to use!  Use only if you already have an event but need to learn more about it.)

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