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Bronco StamREAD 2021

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Greetings from the Bennett Community Organization!

The second annual Bronco StamREAD read-a-thon is almost here! In your student’s Thursday folder you will find papers to get your students registered. Be sure to hang onto the registration sheet as it contains a unique code for your student that will be used to log in and track their minutes read. We will begin registration, and collecting donations, on Monday, October 11th. The actual StamREAD will run from October 18th through the 29th.

The primary goal of the StamREAD is to encourage reading for our students. Bennett’s reading goal is 20 minutes per student, per day, so the StamREAD should fit nicely into your student’s lifestyles and learning. We have some fun events and prizes planned to support all of our readers and emerging readers! We are aiming to have the students collectively read for 100,000 minutes during the event. Twenty minutes a day per student adds up quickly!

The StamREAD will be our biggest fundraiser this school year with the fundraising goal to pay for Bennett’s annual subscription to Renaissance Learning. Renaissance Learning is purchased for Bennett Elementary by the BCO and provides Accelerated Reader and STAR math programs to our students! In addition to paying for Renaissance Learning, we are always raising money to support the students and staff throughout the year. Do you have something specific in mind that we should use the raised money for? Please let us know! 

Thank you for supporting the Bronco StamREAD!

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Lisa Verbsky, Co-President