An IB World School

Mark Kucza

Fourth Grade Teacher

(Before reading any further, it may be very beneficial to watch an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air...)


Now this is the story all about how,

My life took wild turns and went upside down,

So give me a few seconds while you look at the screen,

I'll tell you all about Mr. Kucza and how he's livin' the dream.

In East Lawrence, Kansas born and raised,

On the track running circles is where I spent most of my days,

Sweatin' out, breathin' out, trying to relax all cool,

When the humidity got hot and I finished my school,

I finished up college, got a degree, and was feelin' real good,

I figured I was done making trouble in the neighborhood.

I met a really nice lady and we decided we liked mountain air,

So, we came out west without a plan or a care!

I whistled for a UHaul and when it came near,

I packed it up full and couldn't even see from the mirror!

If anything I could say this drive was a scare,

But I thought, "Naw, forget it, my new home's out there!"

I pulled up to FoCo a day before August seventh or eighth,

dropped off the moving truck and said, "I better not smell you later!"

Looked at Horsetooth, it was so cool,

I'm glad I'm here, to teach the Broncos at Bennett School.



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